Now in Salt Lake! I'm a Swedish Institute graduate, originally from the sunny city of LA. I have a BA in Dance from Barnard College and am still dancing professionally in Salt Lake.  My yoga practice and experience as a modern dancer...


Many of us go about our daily activities- sitting at a computer, rushing to a meeting, grabbing a quick bite- without paying much attention to our own body. We might start to hold tension in our neck & shoulders or low back, and we'll attribute it to stress. In fact, stress can be a catalyst, but research shows that trigger points are the primary cause of pain in 85% of people seeking treatment for pain. Besides causing pain, trigger points in a muscle make the muscle weaker, less efficient, and more taut.

So before that tension turns into chronic pain, listen to your body and seek help. Leah at Centered City Massage is extensively trained in Trigger Point Therapy and works with clients post-massage on body mechanics and posture. A recent client of hers, who couldn't lift his arm above his shoulder and started taking advil to play basketball, is now pain free after only 2 sessions.

The best way to keep your body happy for the time you have it, is to start taking care of you. Come in for a massage, get rid of that tension so it doesn't turn into pain, and enjoy a little stress relief from the City. 

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  "I went to Leah with a tight back and shoulders and was getting a migraine. I am very picky about massage. I like a deep massage and no talking. Leah got all of my spots and my headache went away and I had more mobility in my neck. I was so relaxed I decided to go again and pretend I was on a vacation! Leah was amazing. She has a healing energy. I highly recommend her." -Sharon



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Leah Nelson, LMT